sklitaklingSklitakling is a band based in Bergen that has existed for a little over two years. It all started when two of the girls, Tine Larsen and Elizabeth Bianca Fonnes decided to make music together. Tine couldn’t play any instrument and Elizabeth took it upon herself to try and teach her to play the guitar. After a while they were joined by Catharina Teigland and Hedvig S.Thorkildsen, Tine switched from guitar to drums and suddenly a band started to take shape.

Sklitakling perform their own songs in Norwegian. Building their music on top of a solid groundwork of meaningful lyrics loudly venting their feelings about everything from capitalism to more personal experiences. They are firm believers of freedom to experiment and frequently mix genres taking inspiration from, among others, pop, rock, punk and ska. The music is direct, seasoned with a large dose of melancholy, raw energy and is rough exactly where it needs to be.
Despite the age difference of 16 years between the youngest and the oldest member of the group, the dynamic between them is brilliant and translates well live on stage. They´re definitely a close knit group that know each other well enough to be mistaken for sisters.

Sklitakling has in 2013/14 appeared on several of Bergen and Oslo´s concert venues including: Garage, Kvarteret and Landmark. Their first ever EP will be released in the spring of 2014 and we´re expecting great things from these girls in the coming years.