Det Skandaløse Orkester

det-skandalose-orkesterDet Skandaløse Orkester have been scandalising concert venues in Bergen since 2011. In other words, be prepared for anything from axe murder to men in a bra when going to see one of their shows. In may 2014 they released their debut album, “No Har De Laget Skandale Igjen”. With their use of satirical lyrics, costumes and frantic stage shows their goal is to enlighten people about, and criticise Certain aspects of todays society. They do this at the expense of “normality” in the genre scandalous/pop/rock/prog/comedy.

A recurring theme in their lyrics are how easily something is labeled a scandal in the media, how small things so easily get blown totally out of proportion. A lot of their songs are about public figures that in some way all have felt the unpleasantness of being scrutinised by the media. It´s also the inspiration behind the name of the band. Det Skandaløse Orkester want us to see the humour in our own extreme reactions, to for example seeing a woman’s bare breasts, and once and for all teach us that beeing naked isn´t that big of a deal. Most of all they want us to let go, be open and unleash ourselves from the norms that have been put upon us.

Musically they have brilliant control of dynamic harmonies with natural tone rows that still manage to surprise. They are no strangers to frequent tempo changes, madness and spontaneity much like their main inspiration Frank Zappa. Other key references are Bare Egil Band, Yes, Pink Floyd, Boblejakke Bob, 50-hertz and soundtracks from cartoons.

It´s worth mentioning that Det Skandaløse Orkester also organise a concert concept known as “Skandale Festivale”, dedicated to artists that intertwine humour and music.

Today’s scandalous crew:

Sondre Jørgensen – superorganist og diktator
Mats Erik Mikkelsen – vocal
Øystein Bech-Eriksen – guitarvirtuos
Sivert Karlsen – drums
Bård S. Larsen – bass

On occasion guest musicians pop up on marimba, percussion and various instruments. In addition, the orchestra often bring jugglers and dancers on stage to create hysteria!



Video – Superonanisten

Video – Inside, Bergen 2015

Video – He-man: Opening theme

Video – Sandviken hippiefestival – 2016



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