Heidi Goodbye


Heidi Torsvik began performing as a singer in public by the age of 8. She was in her first recording session by the age of ten and as a teenager she performed with the likes of jazz-legend Toots Thielemans. In her twenties she worked on numerous recording projects in Norway.

In 2011 she made her debut as a recording artist, playing a central role in the creation of the storybook music universe of ‘The Last Hurrah!!’. “The Beauty of Fake” and “Spiritual Non-Believers”, received both tremendous reviews in her home country of Norway, and abroad.  In Norway ‘The Last Hurrah!!’ were awarded Best Album of the Year, by National newspapers in 2011.  She released her first soloalbum, Heidi Goodbye, 2013,  witch is entirely acoustic with only vocals and guitar.

Her new 2017 release, “A Flash of Bliss” (under her synonym as Heidi Goodbye) has currently received 5 star reviews from the best music critics in Norway. Heidi continues to innovate and create visionary art with music, film, writing and explorations of new technology.


“The album, with vocals by Heidi Torsvik, is whimsical and incredibly good. Natural and genre-breaking, clean and new as a spring day, born from creativity and musical enjoyment. What an upturn. ” VG (5/6)

“Jazz trained Torsvik takes the listener into moods that are both inviting and unsettling at the same time. This is magical campfire music, and lyrics, melodies and especially the vocal are direct and present”.Bergens Tidende (5/6)

In the English music magazine The Wire, they describe her like this: ” Heidi Goodbye is the archetypal folksy indie chanteuse, so selfconsciously twee and ” ironic “that she makes the singer from The Cardigans sound like Howlin´Wolf . “




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