Camille Davila

camille-artistFor Camille it´s all about living modestly and delivering in a big way. It´s about logic, metaphysics, ethics, poetry, politics and science blended together into one breathtakingly beautiful musical universe.

Camille Davilla is an international songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist and cult celebrity who moves around in a beautiful landscape of melodic electronica and glamourous synth-pop. The “enigmatic pop-glam princess” is an extremly independant artists, who both produces and arranges most of her own songs. In fact, on some of her newest recordings she has even played every instrument herself. Her hands-on approach to her own music means she´s able to play both keyboards, guitar and synth.

Born in Los Angeles, California, she spent most of her teenage years ping ponging the west coast and the last 8-9 years relocated in Europe, primarily Liverpool, England. In 2000 she signed to Below Records to release her debut album,”Not For The Disco”. Two european tours followed before a second album, “World of gliding monsters” was released in 2004. After a brief return to California to form a new band, and to play shows in America and Europe, Camille brought her band to London to record her third album. The result, “Hi – C”, was released in 2008 on Poly Records. Though Camille is very comfortable with doing most of the work herself, she has been known to collaborate with some of Europe´s finest musicians. This long list of talented people includes people like: Stein Urheim of Steady Steele, Pop Levi and the norwegian producer HP Gundersen. Gundersen had heard some recordings of Camille while visiting the band Bearfarm, and requested to meet her. Camille was living in Oslo at the time, but decided to leave for Bergen to say hello.This is where they started working on what was to become “Divided Skies”, released on Goodbye Records in 2013. After a year spent back in California, Camille has relocated back to the UK where she continues to tour and promote her newest release.

Her music has received awards from the likes of Jeff Lynne ( ELO ) and Van Dyke Parks, who among other things writes “I am impressed by your impressions. Your music, finely crafted. your work shows a fusion of analogue and synthetic sources. I heartily approve of your decisions, and hope this finds you with
much wind in your sails, wherever you are. Light Perpetual fall upon you!”





Divided skies



One of Many

Wireless World

Eye Spy – live acoustic