Dressen til rens

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“Dressen til rens” is the first single from the upcoming debut album “Sondre & Hans Fenomenale Orkester”, and was released in May 2013.

Music and lyrics (norweigan) are a collaboration between HP Gundersen and Sondre Båtstrand, and the song deals with boundless modesty in the face of unbridled sexuality. It is evident in the music video directed by Viktoria Winge: Video 

“Watch the daring music video from the politician,” wrote BA, and highlighted the text line “She is so kind that I get uneasy at the bottom.» Article

The launch also led to a news block on NRK, where “Dressen til rens” was played, along with an acoustic performance of another song from the upcoming album: TV

“Dressen til rens” (3:09).

Lyrics & tune: HP Gundersen and Sondre Båtstrand

Vocal: Sondre

Guitars: HP

Backing vocals, rhythm egg shakers and nice sounds: Viktoria