Divided Skies – Camille Davila


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HP Gundersen went to visit the band Bearfarm in Norway some time ago, where he heard recordings of Camille Davila and requested to meet her. Camille was living in Oslo at the time, but she travelled to Bergen to say hello. He then helped her start on this album by setting her up with a studio to record in, with a fabulous rhythm section (Mette Mathiesen and Daniel Birkeland) and a great experience jamming with The Last Hurrah!! Camille then took her recordings to Jonas Lie Theis and Jeron Gundersen in Oslo and the three of them began adding colour and texture over beautiful Norwegian summer nights. Final touches where added after bringing those recordings to the famous Badminton Bay Studios (care of Jonas Raabe).


Recorded at: Havnelageret studio (Bergen, Norway), Snekkerbod  Studio (Oslo, Norway).

Recorded and mixed at: Badminton Bay Studio (Hadeland, Norway).

Produced and arranged by Camille Davila, Jeron Gundersen and Jonas Lie Theis

Additional production and mix by Jonas Raabe

Guitars: HP Gundersen, Jeron Gundersen, Camille Davila

Drums: Mette Mathiesen, Jeron Gundersen

Bass: Daniel Birkeland

Keyboards/Synths: Jonas Lie Theis, Jeron Gundersen, Jonas Raabe, Camille Davila

Vocals: Jeron Gundersen, Jonas Raabe, Daniel Jørgensen, Camille Davila

Trumpet: Audun Waage

All songs written by Camille Davila

Artwork designed by Edward and Alfie Maddison

Photogrpahy by Krystof Andres

Special thanks to: HP Gundersen, Sue Skinner (for the Sky!), The Brothers Maddison (@maddisongraphics.com), Jacqueline Passmore, Krystof Andres, Jonas Nielsen, Mette and Frode Gundersen, Jon and Leena Mannsåker , Heidi Goodbye, Karoline Trampoline, jazzy Erik.  Always thanks to Hawk Davila, family, Mom, Jeron.

Thanks to everyone in Norway, California, Norfolk UK for the last two years, either in circus, swimming in the sea, working, playing, running, loving, crying, living. Love to you all.