A Flash of Bliss – Heidi Goodbye

Respected Norwegian artist, singer-songwriter Heidi Torsvik (aka Heidi Goodbye) announces the release of her newest studio album, “A Flash of Bliss” which is already garnering five star reviews from the best music critics in Norway.

Heidi decided to leave her native Norway (and it’s formidable Winter conditions) and venture to Los Angles to write and record this newest song collection. She worked with native Angeleno Producer, Jason Hiller at his studio in Beverly Hills. Together they chose to work with “Old Skool’ analog technology and did the entire album on an 8-track tape machine. The resulting sound is stunning.

Jason worked closely from Heidi’s self-made demos to focus on her renown vocal originality and to bring the depths of her unique writing style into full musical expression.

Beyond Heidi’s own piano, organ and guitar playing she was honored to work with brilliant musicians in L.A. Innovative vocal arrangements have always been very important for Heidi to explore, and in L.A. she was also able to work with wonderful singers that created harmonic magic due to the extraordinary blend of their voices. All this great musical connectivity allowed “A Flash of Bliss” to become an album of deep soul, eclectic humor, and honest emotion, so much so that it will transport any listener to a place of profound art and heart.

Musicians: Heidi Goodbye, Jason Hiller, Lewis Pullman, Kyle McNeill, HP, Winter Lazerus

Backing Vocals: Maesa Pullman, Rosa Pullman, Patrice Quinn, Natasha Agrama

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