Sondre & Hans Fenomenale Orkester

sondre-and-hansWhat does a model, street poetry and a traditional chinese instrument have in common? It all starts with Sondre Båtstrand.

Sondre & Hans Fenomenale Orkester originated in 2012, when Sondre Båtstrand, known politician and councilor in Bergen coincidentally found himself as a frequent guest and coffeemaker for a very creative group of people. Central to this group of people was HP Gundersen, a brilliant musician, songwriter and producer, sometimes referred to as the father of the Bergen Wave. Amongst Vilde Tuv, Kristin Vollset, Hemelaget Magi and Johanna Vatne, exponents of modern street poetry, Sondre felt incredibly inspired. He decided then and there to brush the dust off his old modest guitar tricks, learnt through Lillebjørn Nilsens guitarbook, and began writing songs of his own. It was during one of the groups frequent writing get-togethers that Sondre presented his new songs to enormous enthusiasm. In fact, they almost made Hp Gundersen beg to be his permanent accompanist. Viktoria Winge, known norwegian actress, model,singer and Hp´s partner in Evolution and Vik, was just as excited. She decided to take it upon herself to be Sondre´s backup singer and videoproducer. Sondre & Hans Fenomenale Orkester was now a fact, and before long Maria Vyan Ramstad joined in on the bass. In more recent times they have also been joined by Nora Yuyue Zheng. A muscian from china, who adds a much needed exotic touch with her knowledge of the guzheng, a chinese plucked zither.

Sondre & Hans Fenomenale Orkester builds their music upon a norwegian text universe that sees the humour in all the seriousness and the seriousness in all the humour. In the middle of satire, social criticism and a modest and introspective sexuality, this gentle man ponders the true depths of his own softness. Does he reach any conclusion? Most likely not, but his debutalbum is due sometime this year. In the meantime you can enjoy his single, “Dressen til rens”, that was released in 2013.




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