Heidi og Problemene

heidi-ogHeidi og problemene has in the past three years been involved in shaping the unique music scene Bergen has come to be known for. The thriving music scene in Bergen greatly a result of it´s inhabitants fostering and developing a strong sense of community, helping each other and often being involved in multiple projects simultaneously.

Heidi og Problemene originally started out ´as a duo with Heidi Torsvik (vocal and guitar) and Henrik Paulsen (guitar) Henrik has played in several of the underground bands in Bergen such as: Quasimojo, Tranceplants and Tarmer. Heidi came out with her first solo album, Heidi Goodbye, in February 2013. She is also the lead singer of The Last Hurrah!!! where she takes on a whole array of characters and guides you through a universe that is solely their own. Being named best new release in 2011 by the Norwegian newspaper VG and with all of their albums released to rave reviews both in Norway and England The Last Hurrah!!! is truly a special experience. In her thirteen year long career Heidi has also interpreted songs from many different genres including: jazz, country, rock and blues and has acquired a unique ability to make the material of others her own.

Heidi og Problemene are known to interpret their songs with strong empathy and a stripped down sound that allows the pure qualities of the songs to dominate.With their playful approach at interpreting anything from old American classics to more unknown songs they convey the kind of rebellious and youthful spirit that is sure to get even the most shy soul dancing in no time at all. With their cool sound and excellent timing they are the kind of band you wish would play at your birthday party every single year. A pure and timeless classic suitable for all ages.

In their first ever release they are joined by three distinctive and brilliant musicians: Magne Lunde (drums), who played in the band, Saft. HP Gundersen, who contributes with his vast knowledge of slide and drone guitar, was also one of the driving forces behind the project. Pitlaren (Jan Reed Larsen) has played bass in several of HP Gundersens projects. He can also be heard in a duet with Heidi on the EP.

The music can be enjoyed reclining or in full rank on the dance floor.


Heidi og Problemene (EP)

Back to black and white (single)